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Stand Up For Dogs

Our Mission

We are dedicated to achieving a stable, natural, and healthy dog population through the following five goals:

1. Reducing the number of dogs bred and sold by irresponsible backyard bredders, and by association, reducing the number of irresponsible pet owners;
2. Increasing the number of dogs spayed and neutered;
3. Increasing the number of licensed dogs;
4. Reducing the number of dogs bred and sold commercially by larger breeders, i.e., "puppy mills"; and
5. Increasing the number of dogs adopted from shelters and rescue organizations..

Primary Focus & Strategy

Our strategy is to build a nationwide network of pro-active volunteer advocates focused on preventive measures and

not solely on after-the-fact reactive animal welfare activities.

We believe that the first three (preventive) goals offer the greatest benefit for dogs for the volunteer effort expended.

Reducing indiscriminate breeding by countless 'backyard breeders' across the country (goal 1) and providing more affordable spaying and neutering (goal 2), taken together, will establsh a framework for more responsible pet ownership everywhere. Effecting substantial improvements to the dog licensing system (goal 3) is critical as it generates revenues for programs and staff to support the other goals.


Our mission also includes reducing breeding by the larger commercial breeders and increasing adoptions, however, these important activities already receive tremendous attention from humane societies, animal control agencies and volunteers, the latter heavily involved in adoptions and rescues.


Our primary focus, therefore, is to enlist volunteers to prevent excessive production of litters, whether from indiscriminate breeding or due to owner carelessness or spaying/neutering being unaffordable. We also believe that a substantial portion of public funds expended on 'traditional' animal control, i.e., impound and all-too-often euthanize, should be redirected to 'preventive' animal control.

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