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Spay/neutering Progress at the State Level

Many states and communities have enacted legistlation to enforce spaying and neutering under various conditions, instituted differential licensing, or placed restrictions on breeding.

Peta (people for ethical treatment of animals) provides a comprehensive list of regulations instituted.around the country.

See peta list of ordinances

Spay/neutering License Plate Program

California: The state of California is about to begin issuing personalized license plates under the California Pet Lover's program, with proceeds distributed to statewide spay/neuter programs. 


Read about CA spay plates

Maryland: A new state law establishes a robustly-funded statewide spay/neuter program through a small surcharge on commercial pet food products.

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Federal Regulation of Large Breeders (PUPS)

Senate bill S.395, the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act will, if passed into law,  require dog sellers who breed 50 or more dogs annually for sale to provide more humane treatment of their dogs.


Learn More about PUPS

Spay/Neutering Facilities

This photo highlights the County of Sacramento’s Low-Cost Spay/Neuter (LCSN) Clinic shown “collocated” (on the left) across from its relatively new animal shelter.This state-of-the-art clinic cost only about 5% of the cost of the shelter itself and is operated by the Sacramento SPCA under contract to the county. Very functional ”collocated” alternatives (fixed modular trailers) to a “brick and mortar” LCSN clinic, such as this one, can be very cost-effectively implemented through a five or six-year municipal lease.


Reference: (Creative Budgeting for Preventive Animal Control, NACA NEWS, May June, 2013).

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