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Contingency Plan

If the breeder community persists in attempting to derail breeder regulation


Despite your most constructive efforts, you well may find breeder regulation being thwarted by the breeder community.


If you find this applies in your current environment, well-planned boycotts (i.e. moral purchasing decisions by prospective buyers) of local breeders throughout the U.S. may need to be considered. In fact, market demand may be the ONLY factor that is truly controllable in your environment; consumers clearly have the unassailable right not to purchase.


For such actions to be effective, the geographic span of each local boycott needs to be broad enough that breeders can not simply refocus their sales on the next city, county or region. Social networking venues (Facebook, etc.) are obvious tools for broadly coordinating such efforts.

As the market demand for non-shelter dogs is reduced, the effects will quickly ripple outward to all others in the pet industry who supply goods and services to pet owners and can, conceivably, increase consequent pressure on the breeder faction itself to push for broad regulation.



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