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Backyard Breeding

While large commercial dog breeders, or puppy mills, are also addressed in this website, they are not heavily emphasized here since they are receiving considerable attention from the USDA, Congress and national humane organizations.

However, for certain political and economic reasons, what is not being effectively addressed are the indiscriminate dog breeders who are operating in communities throughout the U.S. These irresponsible dog breeders need to be scaled in, and it needs to begin now.

 In a recent article (Creative Community Involvement to Improve Licensing,

NACA NEWS, January/February, 2013), two complementary market-driven database methodologies are proposed:


  • POSTLEA – Point of Sale Transaction Licensing Enforcement Assistance
  • OLC - Open License Check Database


These two methodologies can put dog licensing, breeder licensing, and the litter permit processes on a very cost effective process.

There is an urgent need for regulation to prevent backyard breeders, or BYB, and to ensure high standards of care and relief from any female dog being bred too frequently. A greater portion of truly responsible breeders are critically important to more dogs being placed with truly responsible pet owners.


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