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Backyard Breeding

Irresponsible/indiscriminate backyard breeders among the larger breeder community in numerous localities throughout the U.S. are effectively smaller “puppy mills”. While not as ‘visible’ as the large commercial breeders they are, because of their vast numbers, one of the major drivers of dog overpopulation. Help us address this…


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Spay/Neuter Programs

The tremendous advantages of spay/neuter programs over the traditional approach of impounding and euthanizing unadopted dogs can easily be seen. We invite you to run the DogSim analysis model that compares these two approaches


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Licensing fees are a major source of revenue to animal control agencies, yet the rate of licensure is extremely low in many locales. As a result, the funding available for more affordable spay/neuter programs and reasonable breeder oversight programs is woefully lacking.


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Commercial Dog Breeding and Sales

Commercial dog breeding is a major driver of dog overpopulation. Join us in supporting regulations that would reduce the rewards for unlimited breeding and enforce standards to ensure humane breeding conditions.


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Adoptions play a crucial role in reducing the rate of euthanasia in animal control centers, and they reduce the demand for commercially-bred dogs.


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