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We are a small group of private volunteers working to better the lives of dogs in our country. We solicit no funds, and are not associated with any commercial pet-related organizations.

Ted Sorich

As a lifelong volunteer animal advocate, Ted Sorich developed a widely distributed cost-benefit model for low-cost public spay/neuter clinics (Proceedings of the National Conference on Dog and Cat Control, Denver, CO 1976). He has worked with animal control directors, SPCA directors and elected officials to establish a number of low-cost municipal spay/neuter clinics. Prior to retirement, he served as a budget analyst and then as chief fiscal officer for the State of California`s Department of Industrial Relations.

Shelley Frost

Shelley Frost has served in both executive and volunteer positions at animal shelters. A co-author of Your Adopted Dog, she also produces documentaries about animal issues, and serves as a media and communications advisor to the project. Shelley is a contributing writer to the San Francisco Examiner - Dogs. Follow her blog here.

Douglas Towne

Douglas Towne is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California, where he served as Director of the Center for Cognitive Technologies. He was the Chariman of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the Use of Computer Models for Experiential Learning, and now serves as a technical consultant to this undertaking, for which he developed the DogSim analysis tool.

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