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Welcome to Stand Up For Dogs

This web site is intended to provide tools and information to animal advocates and to local animal control administrators to support them in allocating money and effort to dog population control endeavors at all levels.


Please view the accompanying video and "Our Mission" for an overview of what Stand Up for Dogs is striving to accomplish.


We present five issues,  the first three of which address methods to prevent dog overpopulation that receive little attention yet offer tremendous potential for limiting dog population.These three key issues are:

1. stemming irresponsible "backyard breeders" while stabilizing the more responsible breeder sector;
2. redirecting a substantial portion of expenditures from traditional impound-and-euthanize to low-cost spaying/neutering; and
3. Increasing licensing rates, to support improved breeder license/permit and litter permit systems.

The remaining two issues -- Commercial Breeding and Increased Adoption -- are also vitally important. Fortunately there are numerous  organizations and private volunteers dedicated to addressing these two issues.

The first page of each Issue discusses the goal and the second provides specific actions you or your organization can take to accomplish it.

Join us in Standing Up for Dogs -- you can begin proactive advocacy right away:

     ¨ Spread the word about this web site just as broadly as possible (by social networking tools…email, meetings etc…).
     ¨ Draw special attention to the grass roots advocacy needed for the three primary issues described above.

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